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For those fans who enjoy face-to-face tabletop competition, we offer the board game version of Data-Driven Football, which includes:
   ▶ Masonite hardboard football field.
   ▶ Professionally printed color charts for all 32 NFL teams of the 2023 season.
       (Choose size from drop-down list below: 8-1/2 in. x 11 in. or 6 in. x 9 in.).
   ▶ Comprehensive rulebook.
   ▶ All game dice.
   ▶ Supplemental charts and player aids.
   ▶ Defensive formation play selection cards.
   ▶ Probability Dice - three offensive, two defensive and two standard 10-sided.
   ▶ Line of scrimmage marker.
   ▶ First-down marker.
   ▶ Storage box.

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Board Game + the 2023 NFL Season: $55.00 or $71.00

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