Data-Driven Football: PC Game


The PC game runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Windows 10. The software reproduces the original Paydirt board game, and supports the following features:

   ▶ Replay the entire, actual NFL schedule.
   ▶ Automatic scheduling of post-season games.
   ▶ Choose two teams and play an exhibition game at any time.
   ▶ Play against a human or computer opponent—or computer vs. computer.
   ▶ Play over the internet using Teamviewer.
   ▶ View 35+ statistics which are tracked in-game and throughout the season.

Follow these easy steps to obtain a registered version of the PC game, bundled with the latest
NFL season:

   ▶ Purchase the PC Game Bundle.
   ▶ Install the software.
   ▶ Send an e-mail with the customer installation number displayed on the welcome screen.
   ▶ My return e-mail will provide registration instructions, license keys and data files.


A few of DDF's enhancements over Paydirt include:
   ▶ Big Play charts for short passes.
   ▶ Defensive sack rate and penalty influence.
   ▶ Home field advantage using audibles.
   ▶ Play call distribution and usage analysis.
   ▶ Kick and punt coverage team defese.

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