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Avalon Hill's "Paydirt" was one of the better football simulation games ever designed, and my friends and I played it all through middle and high school. I enjoyed the game so much that in 2007 I decided to develop a similar game—in computer and boardgame versions. Since its debut in that year, fan reaction to Data-Driven Football has been positively overwhelming! The number of present-day "Paydirt" aficionados was a big surprise to me, and confirmed my belief that it deserved to be back in production—with some great enhancements.

The Game
The design of Data-Driven Football's charts are "Paydirt" compatible, and can be used with your original copy of that game (or, preferably, with DDF). Using the most advanced design techniques available and leveraging official NFL play-by-play data and video, I'm proud to have produced a football game which yields extremely accurate statistical results and season replays, and I'm flattered that DDF's team charts are the official charts used in the World Boardgaming Championships' annual "Paydirt" tournament!

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